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Yes, we're integrating personal assistant controls (i.e. Alexa, Google) to access AtmosControl from assistant-powered devices. So, if you're upstairs and have an Alexa device there, you'll be able to say "Alexa, tell Atmos to turn off the family room TV" and it will work.
We provide everything you'll need, aside from any basic tools, like a screwdriver and hammer, or hand drill.

We suggest it be installed above a power outlet, at whatever height you prefer. It will mount directly to the wall with low-dust, high-grab drywall screws (like Nest uses) and optional anchors, both of which we include.

We also include a small, magnetic AC adapter (similar to a phone charger) and wiring (low-voltage, 5v) that connects to the back and runs behind/inside the wall, then it snaps into the adapter in the power outlet.

We've designed it so anyone that is moderately handy should be able to install it with little effort. Below are some illustrations to give you more detail on what to expect.
Image 1: Hub Installation (click to view)
Image 2: Adapter Installation (click to view)
We're currently in beta testing and are planning (and pushing hard) to start shipping production units in mid-2021.
Image: Production Line (click to view)
Video: PnP Machine (click to view)
Video: Manufacturing Process (click to view)
Yes, we're going to have a PoE option when we start shipping production units. And you can either ethernet or Wifi for its Internet connectivity.

We'll send an email before we start shipping, so you can let us know which power option you prefer, though. Join our email newsletter at the bottom of the page for updates on this.
Yes, they were designed to support multiple hubs in a home, so they can work together without stepping on each other's toes. We have a number of customers who bought 2-6 for that exact reason.

And you can use them like an intercom with video chat, without require a separate controller or device – the connectivity is in each unit to talk with other units.
When you install your AtmosControl and power it up the 1st time, it lets you search for your smart home devices and allows you to connect them.
Z-Wave and Zigbee are 2 of the most popular smart home protocols, after Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Companies like August, Bosch, Honeywell, Kwikset, Leviton, Philips, SmartThings, WeMo, Yale, and others use them in their devices.
A protocol is a standardized set of rules and/or processes, like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It allows different manufacturers to build unique devices that a person can buy, then easily connect and use.
Yes and we call it a "scene" or "routine." It's a series of actions by a variety of devices, strung together in a sequence.

For example, when you go to bed, you may want a scene for the end of the day, where your doors are locked, your thermostat is turned down, and your blinds are closed. So now, when you say, "Hey Atmos, goodnight," all of those things happen automatically. It'll save you some extra steps at bedtime.

You can also use non-sequential commands, like "Hey Atmos, dim the lights and play Stranger Things on Netflix."
Instead of using voice, or the touchscreen, you can control your devices by just being near your AtmosControl. For example, if it's noisy in the room (lots of people talking, loud music, etc), the voice control may not be effective and gestures will come in handy. They're also helpful if your hands are full, or if someone is taking a nap.
It has an MSRP of $299 USD.
We're adding new devices every month. If you don't see yours listed, send an email to, or use Contact Us below and we'll take care of it.
We typically reach out to them soon after a request, but then we have to wait to hear back and receive their integration specs. Sometimes it's just a week, sometimes it's a month or longer. Once we've received the integration specs, we have it integrated, tested, and pushed live.
It's an interesting solution, but doesn't solve a lot of the nuanced problems of home automation. For example, a tablet only has Wifi and Bluetooth, so it can't control devices that use Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Infrared, like we can.

Zigbee and Z-Wave aren't well known yet, but they're used by August, GE, Bosch, Honeywell, Logitech, Kwikset, Iris/Arcus, D-Link, ceiling fans, window treatments, etc. They're important for home automation.

You could use Alexa and buy a hub for the other protocols, but then you're telling Alexa to use the Z-Wave hub to tell a device to perform a task. And then you have to remember which devices are controlled by what hub. It's a lot to remember and keep straight.

Or, you could get AtmosControl and be done. Think of it like a universal remote control for all of your smart home devices, even if they're from a variety of manufacturers and use different protocols.
Yes, a natively-built companion app will be included, for iOS and Android. It will provide you with the same functionality as your AtmosControl hub.
Yes, you can use AtmosControl internationally. It will have CE and UL certification, but will only be in English when we start shipping. We plan to add multi-language support in 2020.
We have a 90 day return policy, provided it wasn't damaged in your home.
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